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Crown Brush C504 Pro Angle Bronzer


4.0 5 reviews

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Product Description

The Pro Angle Bronzer's tapered head and flat surface create the perfect bronzing brush. Designed to cover large areas while dispersing maximum product on the higher points of the face, the result is a very natural, all over application. The Pro Angle Bronzer can also be used with pressed powders and liquid foundations for a medium to full coverage finish, making it a very versatile, multi use brush. Bristle Profile: High Grade synthetic fibers, Incredibly durable, Indefinite lifespan with proper care, Can be used with liquid, powder, and cream cosmetics.

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4.0 5 reviews

Customer Reviews

Lisa D. - 06/16/2018

Love Crown

I have MANY brands of brushes. I have had a subscription to brushes for a cpl years...and in the end, no matter how popular and how expensive or cheap or pink and pretty, they COME APART or the hairs fall out. I have NEVER had any issues with any of my crown brushes. They also have good weight and quality to them OVER these "popular" brushes I had so long that I've had to glue back together or end up throwing out. AND FYI...I tale good care of all my brushes and blenders. Everuthing is always clean, cleaned and dried right. Stored correctly. Etc.

Alisha R. - 06/04/2018

Yes please brushes

Loved this brush is my new contouring brush

Serena M. - 04/18/2018

Use this daily

This is a part of my everyday makeup routine. Does a great job of blending out my bronzer and contour. Can also be used for foundation.

Robin S. - 02/24/2018


Just don't like ANY Crown item, at all. Their entire line is nothing but cheap Chinese crap they get from Asian wholesale and then mark up ridiculously high from what it's actually worth. Their brushes are typically cheap $1-$4 brushes..made cheap af and then marked up considerably after they slap their 'Crown' logo on all their stuff. You can find these exact same brushes (as well as all their other items) all over Amazon & eBay dirt cheap.

Tena K. - 02/22/2018

Love it!

I use this brush for blush.

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